Born & Raised by the Andes 

Juan and Cristobal Señoret were born in the middle of the Andes range, in Chile. After many years of life dedicated to the mountains, they have become now two of the most respected mountaineers and climbers in Chile and Patagonia. 

They have achieved a phenomenal number of summits worldwide, considering 12 years of experience and partnership that has taken them to the furthest corners and highest peaks of the world. 

Before long, the steep granite towers, the glacier coated peaks of Patagonia, along with Cajon del Maipo and all the Central Andes range, became an immense training ground where the Brothers would nurture their love for the great outdoors, fine-tune their climbing skills, and establish themselves as truly world-class alpinists.

Senoret Brothers have guided climbers and adventurers from countries all around the world ! Senoret Brothers Expeditions’ mission is to provide you with the expertise, experience and partnership to help you reach your dreams. We strive to offer the highest quality experience to adventurers by prioritizing small group sizes, custom designed trips, family values, and environmentally and socially responsible practices. These elements, combined with our many years of guiding experience from Patagonia to the Himalayas and beyond, allow us to offer you a unique opportunity for a collaborative and personalized adventure experience.


Juan Señoret

Juan began to climb at the age of 17, motivated by his deep love to mountains that always aroused his curiosity to be there and to know a little more each corner of the Andes. 


Next to his family and close friends, in spite of climbing and doing mountaineering in Santiago and its surroundings, after some seasons, and several trips to Patagonia since 2008 Juan reached incredible ascents (some of them even being first ascents for his country at all). Since that same year he has visited numerous summits and places where he has been able to lead to the highest feared summits of the Andes and Patagonia, acquiring an unique knowledge and great value for national mountaineering. Guiding ascents in Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Patagonia. The year 2018 Juan obtained his certificate of UIAGM/IFMGA International Mountain Guide , he is also a great master of Avalanche risks (AIARE 2) and a true passionate about the mountains and the environment .

From the steepest mountains to the most incredible ski descents you can realize next to this great mountain guide  , with an unparalleled experience .

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Cristobal Señoret

Cristobal " TOLA" a few years younger than his brother Juan began at the age of 14 years making his first climbs in Cajon del Maipo with his brother Juan and his close relatives , who always motivated them to go to the mountains and make their dreams come true. At the age of 18 he made his first summits in the Torres del Paine being the youngest Chilean to reach its summit having a full curriculum with incredible summits around the world from the Himalayas to Patagonia.

The first Chilean ascent of the Ferrari route in Cerro Torre with his brother , five routes in Fitz Roy one of its favorite mountains,  Almost every year trips to climb El Capitan in Yosemite climbing different routes of free and artificial and of course many seasons in Torres del Paine more than 15 ascents in this magic land .

Adventures, experiences and a beautiful climbing in any place of the world  in any terrain you will be able to realize next to Tola an excellent and very complete guide with a vast international reputation throughout its years.