Southern Volcanos

This trip is a unique Chile ski mountaineering adventure exploring and skiing the exquisite volcanoes of Chile's Northern Patagonia. Located in Chile's beautiful lake district, we ascend on skis to the high alpine slopes for exceptional off-season volcano skiing. We have been running this Ski trip for many years and we consider it one of the best "off-season" ski Adventures to be had anywhere. We have all the local logistics dialed so you can relax and enjoy the fantastic skiing and scenery. Our main ski objectives are the Volcanoes Lonquimay , LLaima , Villarrica , Quetrupillan and Lanin . 


If you've dreamed of skiing volcanoes in Chile, this is the experience you are looking for.  If you've never skied in Chile before, this is where I recommend you start.  It's a perfect combination of great skiing from big peaks, stunning scenery and amazing culture.

We stay in very comfortable lodges dining on local specialties including seafood and steaks.


As the Andes stretch south, past Santiago, they become smaller until the cordillera changes character from a huge range to one of smaller, weather-worn hills with dramatic volcanoes reaching upward.  The landscape is one of massive forests and lakes with snow-capped peaks dominating the horizon.  






















 These volcanoes offer up prime skiing conditions.  The heavy storms of mid-winter have deposited meters of snow; but the spring is arriving, bringing clearer weather and the ability to get up on the peaks.  While lingering storms bring the occasional powder day, corn snow is the real prize of the area – it's regularly the best corn I have ever skied. 

There are dozens of volcanoes in this area .  We have skied most of them; but there are twelve that standout as fantastic peaks for people looking to get the most of a limited amount of time in Chile.  These are the peaks we choose to guide regularly.  Each has their own character and adventure , from technical difficulty to commitment level to skiing challenge.  We know these peaks intimately and will find the right fit for you. 

Over the years, we have refined this trip to be as logistically simple as possible so we can focus on the skiing and the cultural experiences. 

Even after ten-years of guiding these peaks, I still look forward to it each year. BOOK NOW YOUR NEXT TRIP !



Choose your adventure ! 

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