Patagonia is fast becoming a top destination for skiers of all abilities with its snow-covered volcanoes, vast ice caps, undiscovered backcountry and reliable snowfall. Stop off at mountain villages, hot springs, and secluded huts along the way for a truly unique alpine experience.

Cerro Castillo is located 100km south of Coyaique, in the Aysén region of Chile. It´s an amazing area for the ski touring and backcountry ski, and is very pristine, away from Cities and ski resorts.

Considered one of the hidden treasures of Southern Chile, with several mountains and Valleys to explore around!

The Villa Cerro Castillo is very small, with 500 inhabitants, and basic services: Grocery store, cafeteria, cabins.

Torres del Paine offers the possibility to ski amazing powder snow with incredible surrounding views of Paine Grande , The Towers of Paine and the Southern Ice Field these places are very remote, with incredible views and big Glaciers!

You´ll rarely find any other people around...

It´s very important to have ski touring experience and very good fitness, because in all cases the approach to the snow will be walking and carrying your own skis.

















Choose your adventure !