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The Chilean Patagonia Trad Climbing Paradise


At first sight of Cochamo a climber might mistaken it for a climbing playground. The horse packer has carried all the toys up the trail, a zip line ride to cross the river, waterslide waterfalls, a book of drawn cartoonish topos and maps to follow, endless fresh pizzas, the happy tinkle of climbing gear in the air, and glowing white granite towering above in all directions. One will soon discover, though, that this is the Cochamo where climbers come to work hard with the potential to walk away , climb amazing cracks and enjoy this amazing place .


Cochamó is a place of outstanding beauty and of untouched, 'violent' nature. If you ever asked yourself how Yosemite may have looked like before men's arrival - here is it. There are numerous faces high up to 1000 m. The sheer amount of rock exceeds by far a Yosemite´s resources, however, the faces are often not of best rock quality, far from the valley and access is still a hard struggle through almost impenetrable vegetation.Cochamó is located in northern Patagonia which implies enhanced rainfall, but weather conditions are much better than down south around Fitz Roy where you have to wait weeks and months often in vain. In past years, there was good weather from end of January to end of February. The possible season is from October to April. Conditions are similar to the Alps, yet without lightning danger.



    We meet in Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas (depends the fly), we will pick you up at the airport.

    Gear check at the hotel and expedition briefing.

    Spectacular drive to Cochamo  , one of the most beautiful valleys in the world. Hike  3 hours and establish camp.

    Horses will carry all of our gear to this camp .


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