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The Portillo Ski Resort in Chile is world renowned! Portillo was put on the map in 1966 when it became the first South American resort to host the World Skiing Championships. The notoriety further increased when the 200km per hour speed barrier was broken in 1978 at Portillo, and the ski resort continues to be famous amongst expert skiers who visit Portillo for the amazingly steep slopes.

Portillo sits amidst the high Andes peaks including the nearby Aconcagua, the highest mountain on the continent. 

The treeless Portillo ski terrain is a combination of long groomed runs and big mountain skiing. There are trails for all ability levels, but it caters particularly well to the advanced rider with plenty of steep slopes.

















Inside Portillo there are several descents that have been the most incredible that we have skied that is why if you like off-piste skiing this place also has much to offer, the best known is the couloir known as the SUPER C although there are varied descents more of the same quality, really incredible to be able to ski in this place with the  ACONCAGUA mountain  protecting this beautiful valley of the Andes.

Ojos de agua and Juncal Valley are also some possibilities of worldclass off-piste skiing with truly incredible views and the best powder snow so if you’re coming to Portillo for a few days, a week, or more, you’re fired up! From the piste to the backcountry, this place is a non stop good time for skiers and riders. 

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