Peru Mountaineering

A paradise of snowy peaks. The Cordillera Blanca or ‘Yurak Janka’ (in the Quechua language) is a group of snowy mountains located north of Peru, specifically in the department of Ancash and it is apart of the Huascarán National Park, which was established to protect the natural resources and biodiversity of its 340,000 hectares. It has over 35 snow-covered mountains that exceed 6,000 meters, and a landscape that abounds in glaciers, lakes, and rivers.

Between the most known mountains, we have Huascarán at 6,746 meters above sea level, Chopicalqui at 6,400 meters above sea level, Huantsan at 6,395 meters above sea level , Tunsho at 6,369 meters above sea level, Huandoy at 6,356 meters above sea level, Rutichinchay at 6,309 meters above sea level, Taullirahu at 6,300 meters above sea level, Nevado Copa at 6,270 meters above sea level and the famous Alpamayo at 6,120 meters above sea level.The season is now open for the ascents to these mountains, reserve your place next to us and you will have a trip with the best experiences.

- Pisco

- Alpamayo

- Artesonraju

- La Esfinje

- Huascaran


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