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LLAIMA VOLCANO  • 10,253' | 3,125M

Llaima a name that means, "re-born", is an active volcano surrounded by massif Araucaria pine forest. The Araucaria is a tree that haven't change genetically since the Jurassic period and offer us a unique and splendid landscape, here we will spend all the day skiing and moving around in the different slopes and angles that the volcano offers us .

Llaima Volcano (3,125 m), inside Conguillo National Park— is certainly one of the most beautiful. It has two craters and it’s one of the most active volcanoes in the world. You can ski this peak either from the national park or from Araucarias ski resort or the North Side from Laguna Craptren once at the top and after you marveled at the stunning scenery, you can enjoy an exciting ski descent!

Llaima Volcano is often featured on several-day circuits that include skiing down many Southern Chile volcanoes. Villarrica, Osorno and Lonquimay are also among the favorites!

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