With a height of 3.125 mts and a longer than normal approach makes Llaima a challenge of endurance but you are rewarded with a long descent. This is a round trip from Pucon with a long drive of about 2.5 hours each way.

There is also the option to stay overnight there so the trip is not so long.

Llaima is one of the volcanoes with the most beautiful descent of all the southern volcanos volcanoes , with excellent snow quality and a  incredible panoramic view of all the volcanos .

LLAIMA SUMMIT DAY • 10,253' | 3,125M

With an alpine start, we start our climb on Llaima. Looking up at this mountain from the base, the summit looks close, but it’s an optical illusion. It doesn’t seem to get any closer until we’re finally there - about 6 hours of climbing from our camp. The crater rim of Llaima is covered in ultra sharp lava rock, formed during its 2009 eruption. The ski descent off the top of Llaima is quite steep, requiring careful, controlled turns. A few thousand feet later, we pack up our camp and ski out the rest of the way to the base. 

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