Skiing the Lanin volcano is a real mountaineering experience. Lanin is a 75 km drive away from Pucón and close to the border with Argentina. It’s the highest mountain in the region of Araucanía in Northern Patagonia with a height of 3.726 meters above sea level. From here you have a splendid view over the whole region and the other volcanos Lonquimay, Llaima, Villarrica, Quetrupillan, Mochochoshuenco, Osorno… and much more.

We start the hike at a height of 1.200 m and it will take you around 7 hours to reach the summit. Because this hike includes an elevation gain of 2.500 m it’s only recommended to really fit people with some previous experience who are eager to challenge themselves. Due to the height it’s possible that you feel the thin air. This makes it even more difficult.

We invite you to join us on this challenging but unforgettable trip!

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