Farellones is a fantastic ski resort, 36 km from Santiago de Chile. It’s nestled in the Andes mountain range, close to other ski centers. Valle Nevado, La Parva and El Colorado are the main ones. During this full day program we’ll visit these 3 amazing spots!

As for La Parva, it quickly rises at 3630 meters and offers easy access to off the beaten areas to ski. And if you love photography you can take the best pictures from the top of the La Parva and La Falsa Parva mountains.

We will also have some great skiing time at El Colorado ski resort. We can get there using the ski lifts from La Parva or Valle Nevado. This mountain offers good quality snow on its east face. That is due to the strong winds that accumulate large amounts of snow there.

This ski program can also be done by helicopter from Santa Teresita. Usually expert skiers land in Colorado and ski down the virgin area to the Valle Nevado‘s main road where a van will be waiting.

This complex in Farellones offers amazing spots to ski. Here you’ll also find perfect trails and off- piste options. Of course I cannot forget to mention the stunning scenery under the shadow of the Andean Condor overflying the mountains.



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