Climbing In Chile


Quality service and care

We don’t just pride ourselves on our quality assistance, it is the entire package that we are well known for. For instance, our customer service standards are well above and beyond anything you would really expect for a mountain guide and rock climbing service, and that is one of the reasons we stand out so well amongst the competition. Our standards are simply much higher than the rest, and our staff adhere marvelously to those high standards with fantastic consistency. You won’t find another service guiding your climbing in Chile, anywhere in the region (or the surrounding areas for that matter) that is as comprehensively fantastic as Senoret Brothers.


Look no further!

So if you are looking for some climbing in Chile for a grand adventure in the Vitacura Santiago area to take you and some friends on a real climbing adventure, look no further than Senoret Brothers! We look forward to seeing you down here soon!