Bolivia Mountaineering

The Cordillera Real (Royal Range), is Bolivia’s foremost climbing region, with eight peaks rising above 6,000 m.

The goal of our expedition is an ascent of Huayna Potosi (19,974 ft/6,088 m) and Pequeño Alpamayo (17,618 ft/5,370m), which stand in bold relief above the altiplano (high plateau).

The panoramic views from their summits are exquisite and their dramatic peaks are considered by many to be the most stunning mountains in the Cordillera Real. After having completed a basic skills review and practiced some ice climbing, we proceed to the impressive and beautiful Pequeño Alpamayo (17,618 ft/5,370m) . The steep fluted faces and knife-edge ridges of this pyramid-shaped peak allow us to enjoy unique and spectacular climbing.

Our final objective is Huayna Potosi (19,974 ft/6,088m), Bolivia’s most popular major peak because of its imposing beauty. With moderately steep terrain of snow and ice and wonderful exposure from the narrow airy summit (looking over the 3,000 ft. west face), it is a memorable and challenging climb for even the most seasoned alpinist.

- Huayna Potosi

- Pequeño Alpamayo

- Condoriri